Monday, 30 December 2013

My Poem on Rahul Dravid



The world knows how priceless was your wicket,

Just as they know that you define cricket.

All across the globe know that one could only earn your wicket.

You played with honesty and credibility,

Projecting clearly your dependibility.

You soaked in pressure and were ready to endure it all,

There is no doubt that you always stood tall,

for your retirement yet makes me gall.

Your contribution is more than indispensible,

For you are and will be the most responsible.

Your fond memories will always last

As you have a history,

While others have a mere past.

Someone today may be called the GOD,

But not greater than you,LORD OF LORDS.

You are the reason I ever saw cricket,

Cherished every moment till you stood by your wicket.

These mere words can never project the depth of my views,

But remember, no one can ever fill your shoes.

Your records always made great news,

And you are loved by more than a few

No matter how long you stood at the crease,

Your worshippers will never ever decrease.

Your descriptions need not be vivid,

As your techniques were more than splendid.

You are called the technician of cricket,

But you altered my life and its every bit.

I cannot describe how thankful I am 

As you inculcated patience and determination in me, JAM!

I WORSHIP you and am a fanatic,

As your flamboyance was never erratic.

Your every strike is simply magnificant,

I wonder how can someone be so consistent?

You have given cricket a class

And inspired not just me,but a huge mass.

How I wish I ever met you,

And got a chance to personally thank you.