Friday, 7 October 2016


There stands a city
A little too busy
For him to express how he fell!
He wonders who'll speak of the
sabotage that led him to the knell!

It bloomed with spring
And heard the jingles
That tots would oft sing.
It looked serene and colorful,
sans any traffic or ting.

The colour well, fell in a bound!
All stood in vigour,
awaiting the instructional sound.

It had a tree
That stood out of the scene
Green with glee,
it would make him keen.
The fact that it outshone all around,
he got inspired to work till his mound!

He remembered the dusk
that drove him sad,
deciphering the horizon 
he often went mad.

He wonders what led to a change
so drastic ,nearly turning a cage.
He yearns but, to soar quite high,
Passing all boundaries,in the sky!