Sunday, 25 January 2015

For the Indian Soldier

Before I mishandle my unbridled patriotism,
Devastated that is by my countrymen's communalism,
I would like to mutter and curse,
And pledge to never speak even in verse,
About the diffusing provincialism.

As all my brothers who commandeer forces and circumspect the boundary,
Not for their worthy praise or fee,
But to let us breathe free,
Sans the sigh of anguish PHEW!

For the brothers of my motherland,
All I want is to
Adapt your non-spasmodic and gallant virtue,
And predispose myself to your spirit-
To have the will to fight it out and win it!

Like how you 
Never let your duty relinquish ,
Among traitors and brothers you distinguish,
Though being affected by our mother being impoverished,
But never speak I'll with anguish.

I am incapable to breach a fortress with my verses,
But I wish your thundering spirit never effaces!!

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic!! Superb work Richa!! May Guru bless you with all you want!! Keep up the good work!!! Luv you!!